Greg's Mom Toniraye

I am a Powerful, Passionate, Creative, Loving Leader

My quest is to live in a world where people from every background grow with an internal knowledge of their unique value, while celebrating their connection to the global community.

Toniraye As a professional speaker, trainer, and author, I have a personal mission of supporting and training you to become all you can be by helping you take specific actions to achieve your dreams. My message of “becoming” is the result of overcoming many of the same challenges now faced by my students.

Born January 29, 1947 in the Midwest, my father was a contractor and my mother an evangelist. I grew up learning real estate investment and development on my daddy’s knee and how to empower and contribute to others on my mother’s knee.

Sometimes people say to me “Of course, it’s easy for you to ‘escape from was.’ You have money and you have the life, you’ve already done it.” It hasn’t always been like this for me. As an adult I found myself divorced and financially destitute after 25 years of marriage. I had no idea how to support myself financially and owed the IRS $90,000. This potentially devastating life challenge began my personal journey toward adult effectiveness. I decided I was going to have a life worth living and was going to create a legacy.


Toniraye's Journey Toward Growth Includes:

  • Escape From Was by Toniraye Freeman Author of Escape From Was
  • Top trainer with over 10 years experience teaching Rich Dad Poor Dad, Learn to Be Rich, and Launch Your Own Business courses
  • Developed, instituted, and trained on a ground breaking experiential program working with children and families at risk, through a grant received from the Lee County Dept. of Juvenile Justice in Lee Country, Florida
  • Certified in Redirecting Corporate America
  • Certified in Redirecting Children’s Behavior
  • Author and producer of CIA, an experiential training course (Commitment, Contribution, and Action)
  • Three years as a student and volunteer in both LifeSpring and Forum training. (This work is based on Heidegger philosophy)
  • Five years as enrollment manager and personal coaching trainer for LifeSpring, Inc.
  • Five years as the entrepreneur of my own seminar company.
  • Certified in Global Relationship Center work (based on Adlerian psychology)
  • Facilitator and master technician in context processing outdoor ropes course interaction
  • Trained on proper application and use of inner child work and cradling techniques