Creating A Generational Legacy of Entrepreneurship and Wealth

It has never been enough for Gregory Downing to build wealth, become a millionaire and help his family through financial turmoil due to unexpected tragedy or illness; his vision has always been to do whatever it takes to bring his family along and teach them what he’s learned. His vision has been to take a stand and create a business that would teach others, as well as his own children and the children in generations to come, how to create a generational legacy of entrepreneurship and wealth.

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With what I learned when Gregory Downing was teaching took me to the next level. Now I own apartment buildings. With the right knowledge anyone can be successful.



I've always heard a chain is the weakest link by wear it breaks but I've changed my mindset and I know to break the chains to be powerful.



My husband and I attended Gregory Downing's three day training this past week end in Boston, Ma and it was a life changing experience. The knowledge my husband and I gained within the seminar in three days, I can only imagine now with the financial tools we have in place what we can achieve in our lives and for our children.....Skies the LIMIT!!! HONORED to have Gregory as our COACH.

Jennifer & Eric

Thank you coach for everything this weekend. You terrified me and inspired me to increase my financial IQ. I now have all the confidence in the world that I will get to where i want to be in life. If I can't, I must, and I will. See you at the black diamond golf course soon, my treat. God Bless.


Greg - I just finished reading Entrepreneur Unleashed Book two - wow I really learned alot. My son just graduated Babson College in Boston- He is currently seeking Angel Investors for he started his own business,(OFF THE COB) and it is rapidly advancing, Even knowing he went to college to study Entrepreneurship I really did not understand what it involved. Your book has helped me to understand his education and future, Thanks again for such well written book. I Will be purchasing more of your books for family and friends. Please take a moment to view my son this link from the Boston Global business.


Greg- You gave me so much inspiration at the 3 day workshop. I'm a single mom raising two boys alone and I plan to give my kids the same you have given Greg, jr and your two girls. Continue to do good. You are changing lives. You have certainly uplifted mine and have me what I needed to move forward after losing my husband and father. Keep up the good work! Stay blessed!


This weekend’s class was awesome. I learned a lot, and it got my entrepreneur spirit juices running again. Thanks for the information and I will spread it around.

New York

I attended Greg Downing’s seminar this weekend and believe… excuse me… KNOW that the information he provided is life changing! Thank you for sharing this knowledge with those who have the ears to hear it.

South Carolina

I had a blast!!! Greg kept me interested all day every day and taught tons of knowledge about real estate investing. But most importantly he had passion to spread his knowledge so that he could help others. An amazing individual.

New York

Warmly speaking, Coach Greg single handedly changed my programming overnight. It is because of him and his teaching that I’m no longer standing still at the crossroad I’m at in my life. My family and I deserve a better life and through the financial knowledge I’ve obtained and will forever pursue, we’ll be on the fast track to financial freedom in 3-6 years! My advice is that you make my Coach Greg, your Coach as soon as possible.

New York