Creating A Generational Legacy of Entrepreneurship and Wealth

It has never been enough for Gregory Downing to build wealth, become a millionaire and help his family through financial turmoil due to unexpected tragedy or illness; his vision has always been to do whatever it takes to bring his family along and teach them what he’s learned. His vision has been to take a stand and create a business that would teach others, as well as his own children and the children in generations to come, how to create a generational legacy of entrepreneurship and wealth.

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With what I learned when Gregory Downing was teaching took me to the next level. Now I own apartment buildings. With the right knowledge anyone can be successful.



I've always heard a chain is the weakest link by wear it breaks but I've changed my mindset and I know to break the chains to be powerful.



Gregory is a super instructor, mentor, speaker and motivator. My wife Alexandria and I were impressed by the professional conduct but motivated by Gregory's absolute passion for our education. Our 3 days in Norfolk were major professional and personal milestones in our journey to wealth. Thanks Gregory and the Rich Dad staff for a life changing event. Bob & Alex Forge Investment Group, LLC


Gregory's seminar this past weekend was one of the most powerful I have ever attended. He made me understand the difference between content and context, left and right brain thinking--and where that voice in my ear was really coming from! Gregory's no-nonsense style coupled with his big heart (yes, we saw it!) is a winning combination. His business plan agreements are a pathway toward a life of fulfillment, financial and otherwise. I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know him better.


Greg is a very strong and passionate coach. He opened my mind to seek more financial education to help me build and work towards financial freedom that me and my family needs. The information that he teach give me hope and courage and even makes me stronger to face our fear and uncertainty. Thank you for your passion to educate more people.


While Gregory Downing has a strong passion in what he teaches it is his command of the subject matter that sets him apart. Gregory's deliberate teaching approach allows for knowledge transfer to his student and allows them to connect the dots. I thoroughly enjoy my time being one of his students and he will always be my coach.


Three day seminar presented by Greg was real life changing event for us. After talking about real estate investing for years we are finally taking actions now! Greg has great ability to present complicated subject in simple to understand way, a lot of us had AHA moments and he does that with passion. Thanks for all the motivation. We needed that!

Andrea & Brad

For the 3 day seminar which looks like a lot of goes fast! There's so much to learn! Greg's passion is certainly a lid lifter when it comes to teaching the truth about financial literacy. His mission statement and books say it ALL. He really wants your family to succeed. The first time i read Robert Kiyosaki book, 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. I said, 'finally, I got my questions answered where it made sense to me. After I saw my parents buy a house and I looked at the amortization chart, it never made sense to me. I'm no math genius. But, for write offs...really? And that's not all, wait there's more. He taught us how to enlarge our frying pan and catch bigger fish, to help feed more people, and we don't have to keep the ones that only fit my small little pan every 2 weeks, anymore. YEAH! Thank you Gregory, Robert and the rest of coaches for showing what a true capitalisms really is. I get it coach!

Whitney / Debbie

Gregory "Coach" Downing truly opened my eyes during my three day work shop held in Tacoma, WA in August. He showed me how to break the chain that was holding me back from providing the kind of future me and my Family deserved. I really feel that I was blessed to have Coach enter my life when he did. I'm building a new foundation for my Family and Coach has provided me with the first brick to this new foundation. Thanks Coach!


The training I had with Greg in Arlington, VA was awesome. He really opened my eyes to investing and really helped me on my way as i begin to move from the left quadrant to the right quadrant.