Creating A Generational Legacy of Entrepreneurship and Wealth

It has never been enough for Gregory Downing to build wealth, become a millionaire and help his family through financial turmoil due to unexpected tragedy or illness; his vision has always been to do whatever it takes to bring his family along and teach them what he’s learned. His vision has been to take a stand and create a business that would teach others, as well as his own children and the children in generations to come, how to create a generational legacy of entrepreneurship and wealth.

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With what I learned when Gregory Downing was teaching took me to the next level. Now I own apartment buildings. With the right knowledge anyone can be successful.



I've always heard a chain is the weakest link by wear it breaks but I've changed my mindset and I know to break the chains to be powerful.



Hello Ms. Toniraye,


  Thank you so much for the information, and I will do this tomorrow in the morning to my best ability.


 Your son is a great inspiration to me and my sons. My thirteen year old goes around and says “ Sounds pretty good” all through the day, and he the both of them have been helping me look for real estate opportunities. They are inspired by the story Greg had given about your grandchildren.


It is all about education and training, thank you again for the good information, and raising a very inspiring son.


God Bless You and Your Family












Thanks Coach Greg! I was expecting tons and tons of information about making deals, building teams, etc at the three day Rich Dad course. He sure delivered that stuff, but what was so much more valuable was the contextual processes that he helped to burn into our brains. Greg truly cares about the mental shift that you must first make, shifting yourself to the right quadrant, and helping others. All the other stuff will follow suit as long as you take action on your plans. His influence was priceless.


I just spent this past weekend learning from Coach Downing. Not only was this the most important weekend of my financial career, learning more in 3 days with respect to financial education than I did in all my years of college (and I was a business major who took several finance courses), but Gregory inspired me to get working on my action plan immediately, and I'm proud to say that I'm currently enrolled in advanced training investment courses and already taking action! In short, he's the real deal! Thanks!


Thanks Greg for the awesome seminar training and for helping me to realize my inner dream finally!!!


Working with Coach Greg for an entire weekend was the most powerful and motivational weekend of my life. He took my way of thinking and refocused it. Instead of feeling defeated by life's challenges, I am now empowered to create solutions. I see solutions every where I look. It is truly a bright new world out there! Thank you again for sharing your incredible message with me! May blessing be upon you and your family!


Thank you Coach Greg for really stretching my mind (context)to be able to fully comprehend how rich people think about and use money.Even if my brain was hurting at the end of each day during that 3 day workshop, Your passion, commitment and extra ordinary drive to improve lives is truly remarkable and admirable. You are one amazing teacher, I hope and pray that you would never lose that passion and enthusiasm to share your immense knowledge and experience in raising awareness of our need for financial education.


Greg bashed my brains out from the left side to the right side where it belongs!! A switch has been turned on, which might never go off. Meeting and hearing him speak has definitely been a life changing experience! GOD bless you, Greg!


The 3 day real estate investing training I attended with Greg as our trainer was a life-changing event for me. It was full of beneficial, motivational, and practical information. He was so generous with his time, as well. We started early and worked through lunch to pack in as much as possible. I cannot wait to put everything into action. I consider myself to be a smart, talented, and hard working person, and yet I have been spinning my wheels up to this point. Greg gave me the confidence and knowledge necessary to begin reaching my full potential. I know that I am now on the right path to financial freedom.

Kristin Larson