Creating A Generational Legacy of Entrepreneurship and Wealth

It has never been enough for Gregory Downing to build wealth, become a millionaire and help his family through financial turmoil due to unexpected tragedy or illness; his vision has always been to do whatever it takes to bring his family along and teach them what he’s learned. His vision has been to take a stand and create a business that would teach others, as well as his own children and the children in generations to come, how to create a generational legacy of entrepreneurship and wealth.

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With what I learned when Gregory Downing was teaching took me to the next level. Now I own apartment buildings. With the right knowledge anyone can be successful.



I've always heard a chain is the weakest link by wear it breaks but I've changed my mindset and I know to break the chains to be powerful.



I attended about a dozen one hour preliminary real estate seminars during 2014, and I attended a few 3 day training workshops. Gregory Downing's was the best  seminar I attended. The other workshop seminars were helpful and informative, but while the people wanted me to succeed, it was obvious their main goal was to sell me their training programs.  The whole Gregory Downing team was low key and humble.  Also, Gregory’s total approach and system was unique and extremely comprehensive.  Gregory taught a system that was inclusive, connected, and if done properly feeds itself with new leads!!!   He taught a system of asking questions and keeping control, which funnels a prospective seller or buyer to make a decision that is favorable to you. I have been in sales over 30 years, and I know from personal experience this approach is the most successful!  Gregory also taught us to be moral and not greedy, and you would be rewarded with more deals, which means more money!!!  His knowledge, approach, and him truly wanting to help me succeed made it an easy decision for me to sign up for training!!!!!! 


What a wonderful time and seminar we had with coach Gregory. Chains are breaking , they have to break no matter what. Thanks you so much sir for your passion and kindness, the way you give all yourself away. God bless you and your family. Deborah


Coach Gregory Downing is a great teacher and mentor! I attended the three day conference for real estate investing, and he was the instructor. What a whirlwind of an experience. He forewarned us that we were about to learn a ton of information and we would most likely be exhausted from learning so much. HA, he wasn’t kidding! I took lots of notes over each section that is so beneficial. While talking to others also in this class we discussed how we had gained extra knowledge from Coach Gregory in areas that we have worked in before and currently. I absolutely love the positive motivation this man dishes out the entire time. I read the Mastermind statements (Universal Laws Of Being An Entrepreneur) he gave us every day to keep myself focused and motivated. Looking forward to having him mentor me through the beginning stages of my business and greatly appreciate him sharing an action plan! Starting down a new path of setting up my own business is scary, but I feel more confident that I will succeed with Coach Gregory on my side! Whoever can get the chance to attend one of his classes, I’d recommend it. Even pick up one of his books, these things are priceless gems!


Thank you Gregory Downing for the great training at the Success course I just attended. I learned so much and am taking action every day. I have my core power team almost complete, my LLC is up and running and I'm currently looking for my first deal. You've helped so much in speeding up the process. I'm eternally grateful. Thanks again, Derek Dixon ARIGLLC


It has been like "Drinking water from a fire Hose" but it is really nice to know that you have Gregory Downing in your corner. That alone gives you the confidence to reach for the stars. Thank you for that push to action! You are setting us up for success. You always strive for a Win-Win situation. If we win, you win.....Thank you for that!



I have just completed the 3 day event this weekend and had the privilage to learn from Coacg Greg. This was an eye-opening experience and I am greatful that Greg was the man to motivate me to finally "walk through" the open door of opportunity. Greg has taught me that it's more than just investing in real estate and making a profit, but that we have a chance to impact the lives of everyone we come into contact with. I look forward to the future and feel confident knowing that Coach is there to guide me through. Thank you Greg and God Bless you and your family!


I'm only 21 years old and had a buddy of mine trying to drill all of this into my head. I began reading and decided to go and sign for the workshop. I was still skeptical of whether or not I myself could go this path. On Saturday at about 4 pm I surrendered to coach and had my "aha" moment that this is possible, I can do it, and if i can't do it it's simply because I didn't try hard enough. Thanks again coach.

New York

Thank you for your sincere share of your experience of building wealth thru Real Estate investing. Those 3 days what we attended and your examples motivated and got me started going to the right direction. I’m sure with your help we’ll get to our goals (which are to be financially free) much faster than we could do it alone. Thank you, Mindaugas