The Universal Laws CD

An audio CD
by Gregory Downing

YES – You can buy a book, read, and understand. However this CD is designed to be played daily as you move through your busy life. The repetition of all 53 tracks of the CD will result in creating an internal awareness of Universal Laws that will transform your unique potential into powerful results.


  • Create the momentum needed to take action in your life—NOW
  • Transform your mind into a wealth building machine
  • Reprogram your brain to get what you ask for
  • Generate a profound awareness of success choices
  • Activate the mental and spiritual “building blocks” needed to execute the life you want
  • Defeat the fears that keep you tied to minimum wage activities
While The Universal Laws CD centers on entrepreneurship and wealth, they will help you master the success habits that will serve you well in any life area – leadership, parenting, personal development, and more. Armed with these practical skills and the mental and spiritual “building blocks” needed to execute them, anyone can live the life of their dreams.