Potential to Results Consulting

Join “Potential to Results” for $595
with Toniraye — Mentor Program — 30 days

This program is the first step of the Escape from Was roadmap and part of a year-long course that leverages the power of our unique Results Mapping™ system to create the exact results that you are committed to achieving. At the end of this 30-day module, you will be on your way to a future that is important to you.
This ground breaking mapping technology allows you to be certain that your path to the future includes balanced, predictable results in all areas important to you: career, finance, family, personal relationships, spiritual areas of contribution, and health.
The Potential to Results course will help you:
  • Have more harmonious relationships
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills, thereby improving your own performance and the performance of those you interact with
  • Create a more positive environment in all life areas
  • Make authentic choices that best match your vision for your life
  • Figure out what choice to make and what action to take when you are unclear
  • Effectively use the feedback that works, discard what doesn't, and see what's next
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • and much more!
Our "Potential to Results" program includes:
  • Home study guide and workbook
  • Two individual mentor phone sessions
  • Interactive online teaching sessions