Leadership in Action Task Force

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Overdrive Mentor Program
90 days

A Leadership Development Program to Improve your Self-Knowledge, Self-Confidence and Self-Worth so you can Achieve What You Want in Life

This 90-day effectiveness series is designed to:
  • Transform insights and options into powerful results
  • Create abundance in all of your relationships
  • Recognize your link between creativity and spirituality
  • Generate a personal and group believing mirror
  • Develop your ability to "future map"
The leadership effectiveness series will help you generate answers to HOW to create an extraordinary future and will provide you the knowledge, support, feedback, and consulting needed to take action on that future NOW.
The Potential to Results 30-Day Mentor Program opens a space of awareness and new possibility. With that new clearing available, it is important to immediately form new positive attitudes, and to take on and accomplish new extraordinary results.
OVERDRIVE runs for 90 days because we want to practice new habits until they become comfortable for us.  What is not presently in your comfort zone will stretch and include new outrageous forms of self-expression. However, be aware that this stretching is sometimes uncomfortable and requires rigor.
The series provides necessary tools to forever alter your ability to take specific action and accomplish specific changes in your life. Expect to replace the old beliefs abandoned in your Potential To Results 90-day Mentor Program with sound, new principles. Some of these beliefs include:
  1. What it means to promise, declare, request, and keep my word.
  2. Why fault, blame, and credit beliefs stop us, and how we can move past them to new action.
  3. Why beliefs in more, better, and different are just the same beliefs as yesterday's limits.
  4. How to take 100% ownership and responsibility for the future as the creator of that future.
Course Outline
  • The group meets one evening per week for eight weeks.
  • The last 4 weeks of the program will be an individual project to be decided on by you and your mentor.
  • The first week's meeting includes a selection process by you, the team, and the mentors.
  • Mentor calls each week for 90 days (your mentor will care more about your commitments than your comfort or your feelings).
  • A one day Ropes course
  • One three day weekend at the end of the 90 days--which will be held in Tampa, Florida
The course content requires a letter of accomplishment---which includes several major life areas–family relationships, relationship with self, health, finance, career, and contribution.