Escape from Was

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by Toniraye
Paperback Book
285 pages

A Road Map for Being, Doing and Having

If you’ve been running around in circles, working hard but not getting the exact results you want, then you’re ready to Escape from Was.

Author Toniraye leads you on a journey of discovery, possibility and action in her first motivational book.

She begins by sharing a modern day fable that demonstrates how easily we can become stuck in survival mode, living in the Land of Was. Part two of the book provides real life principles that move you out of the Land of Was and into the Land of Becoming.

In part three of Escape from Was, Toniraye provides a 30-day action plan presented and co-authored by Mickey McQuaid. Designed to get you moving forward so that you can achieve your desired results, the completed exercises provide a personalized escape plan.

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