Consulting for Successful Teens

This program teaches what they don't teach in school

We take our kids for booster shots to prevent measles and mumps. We take our kids to the dentist to be sure they end up with good teeth and a great smile.
But we often don't think about preventive maintenance for the stress of today's culture.
We give them cell phones and I-Pads and other gadgets -- you'd think life would be simple for them with all of today's technological advancements but the truth is our kids need to feel heard about what is important to their unique personality.

This coaching program by Gregory Downing's mom (Toniraye) gives teenagers the personal development tools they need to navigate today's generational challenges.
Life is very different than when we were kids -- Give your kids the gift of practical everyday financial and personal literacy the school system can't provide.

This 30 day coaching program starts with a session with the parents
Then a family interactive road map and group family discussion
Which creates a framework for Toniraye to listen to what your children are most passionate about and design ways your kids can use that passion to move toward success.