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Mentoring and Training by Gregory Downing

Gregory’s mentoring and training presentations inspire participants to start building their generational legacy of entrepreneurship and family wealth.

Drawing from three generations of experience in creating wealth, Gregory is adept at taking complex subjects and explaining them in concise, understandable and captivating ways, providing relevant examples and real-life stories.

Presentation Topics

All of Gregory’s mentoring and training presentations are customized for your specific needs.

  • The Entrepreneur Unleashed

    Gregory presents a detailed and systematic way to put into place the actual systems, policies, procedures and processes that will make you successful as an entrepreneur, building wealth safely and quickly. He provides training to enable you to create businesses in a low-risk, highly successful way. This program is all about taking new and old ideas, putting them into action and creating the life you are committed to having right now. Watch our pyramid concept video here.

  • Legacy Unleashed

    This program teaches families how to come together to learn and build wealth for a lifetime. As a second-generation entrepreneur, Gregory actually includes live insight from the first generation in his family legacy, as well as insight from the third generation. You will totally transform your experience of events, removing obstacles and barriers that have drained your energy and stopped you from reaching desired results in the past. Watch our pyramid concept video here.

  • Leadership Unleashed in Corporate America

    Gregory believes true leadership lies in the desire to help others reach their goals and dreams. In this workshop, you can expect to transform insights and options into powerful results, create abundance in all of your relationships, recognize your link between creativity and spirituality, generate a personal and group believing mirror, and develop your ability to "future map."

  • Sales and Negotiation Skills

    Discover the sales and negotiation skills Gregory has derived from three generations of creating wealth. Skilled at taking difficult subjects and breaking them down into clear, simple and profound concepts, you’ll leave with the skills you need to build your own wealth successfully.

  • Building Corporate Culture Through the Universal Laws of Being a Leader

    You will leave this session knowing the four misdirected behaviors in the work place and how you and your team can easily harness and refocus behavior in order to achieve results on a consistent basis. You will have a blueprint of agreements that your team has created. These laws or agreements will be a roadmap for your team as they chart the course of your corporate future.

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