Discover How to Become an Entrepreneur and to Build Wealth Alongside the People You Love

Entrepreneur Unleashed by Gregory Downing


351-page paperback book

In Entrepreneur Unleashed, Gregory Downing outlines the steps to take to create a business in a low-risk, highly successful way. These steps are designed to teach you what it takes to become an entrepreneur, to build wealth safely and quickly and to do these things alongside the people you love and care about most.

This book will help you answer the following questions: what do you want to accomplish financially, how do you want to earn your money, do you want to be a small business owner or an entrepreneur, and how hard do you want to work in the process.

This book will also help you map out a game plan for the next five years of your financial life. Then, you can teach others the steps to prosper financially, what it will take to get there and the viability of prospective business opportunities.

In this book, Gregory outlines exactly what it will take--showing you how to succeed and helping you avoid the pitfalls that befall most small business owners. We want to set you up for success!

Once you set your intention and begin mastering the skills of entrepreneurship, this book will become more than just an ordinary book on your bookshelf. It will become reference material for life--you may read the pages many times and then refer back to the chapters during the years to come. Soon, the skills you need to become wealthy will become second nature.