The people with the least amount of money tend to have the most advice when it comes to building wealth.  I will instead listen to my mentor and coaches and learn from them.  I no longer take advice from people who live in a world of earned income, with only one stream of cash flow, who believe the best way to get through life is to go to work day after day and live on a tight budget.

I know there is more money out there than I will ever need.  However, I also know it takes time, effort, and expertise to master the skills of moving the money from a lender's account to mine.  I am committed to mastering those skills, and I will be consistent in my approach to accessing funds.

The majority of our population has been programmed to be afraid of change and terrified of risk.  These two mindsets make us very fearful about trying new things that are outside our comfort zones.  Yet when we examine the current state of our economy, we must accept the fact that change is in order.

Out of necessity, employees and specialists live in a world of earned income - they exchange hours of their lives for dollars.  I realize there is a purpose for each income type.  As an entrepreneur, I understand it is imperative to utilize all three types of income: earned, passive residual, and portfolio.

Becoming a master at creating systems and processes means I will learn and then master the steps in a business's system, and then build a team to help execute those steps.  When I have the knowledge, systems, and processes in place that create an efficiently run business, my life becomes simpler.  It isn't easy to master the planning steps of building a business, but running a business becomes very simple when I have these systems in place.

Most Americans have one job that brings them a paycheck.  Indeed, this is an accepted way of life throughout the United States.  However, I no longer buy into that program; instead, I am committed to building wealth through multiple streams of income.