Out of necessity, employees and specialists live in a world of earned income - they exchange hours of their lives for dollars.  I realize there is a purpose for each income type.  As an entrepreneur, I understand it is imperative to utilize all three types of income: earned, passive residual, and portfolio.

Becoming a master at creating systems and processes means I will learn and then master the steps in a business's system, and then build a team to help execute those steps.  When I have the knowledge, systems, and processes in place that create an efficiently run business, my life becomes simpler.  It isn't easy to master the planning steps of building a business, but running a business becomes very simple when I have these systems in place.

Most Americans have one job that brings them a paycheck.  Indeed, this is an accepted way of life throughout the United States.  However, I no longer buy into that program; instead, I am committed to building wealth through multiple streams of income.

From today forward, whenever I tell myself "I can't do it," I will follow that statement up with the question, "Can others?"  I know my intelligence level is normal, and anything that needs to be done is simply a matter of having the knowledge, skills, and perserverance to get it done.

Building wealth starts with an idea; it begins in the mind.  Understanding this, I realize I have to feed my mind in order to make my wealth grow.  I will devote both time and energy to growing my knowledge in financial literacy and character.  I will increase my knowledge in all areas of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Marketing is the life-blood of every business; without customers or clients, the business cannot function.  One of the most important systems of any business is its marketing plan.  How I identify who my clients are, how I find them, how much I spend to get them, how often they will purchase, and what I do to educate them about my product or service will be a central part of every one of my marketing systems.