Circumstances are guaranteed to kick in as soon as I make a choice to change both my present and future financial situation.  My commitment, then, must be bigger than the circumstances I am confronted with.  Although at this moment I may be completely committed to taking action, as life's circumstances and my internal programs pop up, they can cause me to fail.

The average American wakes up each morning and goes to work living by someone else's rules for their entire lives; they have been programmed that this is what is right and normal.  As a leader and as an entrepreneur, I understand and embrace the knowledge that I have the ability to make the rules I live my life by.

Marketing is about finding the people who have a need for my product or service, and I will become a master at finding them.  I understand that a business may have tremendous opportunity in terms of its product offering, but if it doesn't get the word out, no money will be made.  Getting the word out begins with database development.

I am not building small businesses that are operated and run exclusively by me.  I am instead in the business of entrepreneurship, and I am always creating new streams of income - that is my primary responsibility.  Knowing and understanding the importance of this, every business I create will have duplicable systems and processes that allow me to open the business, see to its functional opeations, and hand off tasks and duties to others.

I know, at least on an intellectual level, that no one is going to build wealth for me; if I truly want to become financially free, I have to create my life and set things up to make my dream come true.

The truth is that I am 100% responsible 100% of the time for the results in my life.  I commit to becoming consciously aware that I am the only one who can create a life of financial abundance and generational legacy.

I have always loved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s, “I Have a Dream” speech.  The words just stir something within me, as I’m sure they do many of you.  I realize that the words of Dr.